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Testing Testing

I want to do something with Roots or Veins for the project. Finished section 1 & 2, and working on 3 now. No visuals yet to share.

Update. Sept 18, 2013:

Tonight I have my first ever generative art image!! It truly feels groundbreaking.. ;) It actually took my image (not exactly a good vein or root yet -but it took it!) and squiggled it up, down, around, and now i have something that looks like paper shredder output. Much work to still look forward to.

This attempt used the code from Section 4, Hype_objects zip from the "HYPE / Drawables" video (HShape, Step 6). 

Update. Sept. 22, 2013:

Getting some play time with colors now in Section 5. This new version colours fill & stroke from a background image. I also gave a greater range on the random size of the svg.

Update. Oct 2, 2012

Well, roots and veins are being put on hold until I get a better feel for how all this new amazingness actually works. I feel like the young Harry Potter kids not knowing how to use the wands. 

Today I brought my newly drawn shape to the HGridLayout examples!

Used a colour palette from a photo I had of damp wood. I'm slowly building palettes to work off of in the future. That alone is a lot of fun. But it's pretty cool to see them applied to shapes as well.

Coffee Coffee Coffee! 

And Nobody has to do dishes !! Not here in Wonderland !

The border around this one is not intended... Just can't get it off ... I am using iDraw because I don't have Illustrator, and haven't figured out how to make all the stroke sizes the same without killing the fill colour, or doing them one by one. Gah.

Update. Oct 23, 2013

These are kind of dark, and nightmare-ish... Halloween is coming!

They were supposed to be Monsters.... But I think they look like Teeth falling out... omg.

For the second one, I layered two images (via iDraw) on top of the each other. I was trying to do it all in code but was having some issues.

The cages, rotated and varied in size like this, reminded me of the movie The Prestige. Something a little ominous about the stir.

Still having fun exploring the examples from class videos. And now trying to mismatch the types to see what happens.


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