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Test Space

Test Space is a Creative Agency based in London.

We represent street artists and illustrators from across the world and offer expertise in design, communication and experiential marketing. We produce work for commercial clients and as part of our in house projects and curated art events.

Pop Up Gallery, Warren Street, London

We are active participants in the work we create and our key target markets, from our day to day lifestyle to our in house projects to our curated art events. Working closely with artists and audience allows us practical first hand knowledge and insight into shifting trends and influences that more traditional agencies can’t offer.

Insider Gallery, London

Our knowledge and understanding of creative culture and trends combined with an established network of artistic talent allows us to produce truly innovative solutions for clients. Our hands on approach to projects means we have built long standing relationships with clients, artists and audiences.

London Sampler, Vyner Street, London

We produce large scale creative, memorable and engaging work for clients, artists and audiences.

Our work includes rapid exhibitions, design weekenders, live art events, concept stores and artist residencies; working with spaces ranging from grade one listed buildings to guerrilla pop up shops to disused offices to independent record stores to empty shop units.

New York Sampler, Delancey Street, New York

Since 2010 we have worked with some of the most exciting and original artists, designers and illustrators currently working. The key to the success of all our projects is this hand picked network of artists.

Triple Hop: Illustration and Beer Exhibition, London

Business Commandment

Our commandment is 'anger can be power' from the Clash song Clampdown. This has developed over the past three years. Initially it referred to a punk/DIY spirit when we set up our first exhibition in the basement of a local record shop on zero budget where this song got played endlessly.

Our first exhibition in 2010. Leeds, UK

Over the years this has changed, the real meaning of 'anger can be power' is turning frustration and anger, into power and knowledge. It has meant rather being angry at lack of opportunities taking control of what you do and turning what appears to be a negative to your advantage. It's meant not taking success for granted. When we've had setbacks or failures with certain projects the key thing is to learn from those mistakes, a sense of frustration if something goes wrong but using that anger to produce something positive next time. It has meant looking at competitors, what are they doing better, why are they more successful. Rather than taking that anger as a negative we've looked at rivals and taken inspiration, turning negatives into positives learning from others and turning that anger into power and knowledge.


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