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Test 1

Alright - take 1 - I have nothng planned out but here goes.

Hi! My name is Christina. I am the founder, formulator and chief dish washer at Sia Botanics. We make awesome all natural skincare products that actually work. My formal education is in business but I have been working hand on in formulations for the cosmetic and skincare industry for over 20 years. several yearsa go I started getting migrane headaches when I went into the lab and eventually realized that I had developed chemcial sensitivities to several of the ingredients commonly used in skincare and fragrance manufacturering. So out of necessity I started a quest to figure out how I could still make super effective skincare products without using synthetic chemicals anymore. Being raised in a back to the land hippie commune gave me a good headstart on understanding plants. Add a lot of research to that and I now get to love what I do because not only do I not have to work with ingredients that make me sick, I get to spend my time showing people how much better pure plant skincare products really are. It's fun to blow their minds : )


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