"Tesseract" is a conceptual project for my diploma in photography. In the series I want to give an insight into the human mind and certain life conditions. For this I gathered verbal metaphors and symbols which are used to describe those situations.

I wrote a concept with mood pictures and described the metaphors I aimed for.

I then used those abstract images and transferred them into pictures using only minimal props and clothing. The conveying factor for the whole series is a construction scaffold. It serves as a metaphor for the human mind as well as a prop which can be encased with materials that supports the actor and the rest of the picture.

As the location is a run-down storehouse, I chose the clothing of the models as stylish but ageless in order to create a tension between location and model.

Flashes with varying light attachments were used, mainly grids or softboxes.

Here are some excerpts from the series in additon to the project cover:



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