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Stephanie Turner

Hobby artist working on leveling up



Terrible Photo Action

For my action, I wanted to create a quick way to turn a really awful, poorly lit photo of a sketch into a cleaner picture. The after photo is not necessarily the end result, it is just the end of the action I created to clean things up a bit. I didn't want the action to be too complicated, so that it might work on multiple lighting situations. 

To get from the before to the after, I chose a filter in the channel mixer. The particular one I used changed the photo to black and white, with an emphasizing filter for orangeness. Next I adjusted my brightness and contrast a bit. Finally, I tweaked my levels so that I could get the background to look a little bit better. As you can see, there are still some issues, like the gradient situation I have going on, but again, this action was just a step in the right direction that would work on multiple lighting scenarios.

Both sketches are my originals. The sketch of the hippo was for a project in art class where we had to illustrate one of the seven deadly sins. I had gluttony. The girl in the other sketch is my little sister.


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