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Terrestrial Sea Mammals (concept)

Hello there everyone!

I thought the tutorial videos were awesome, really helpful, and can't wait to get started (though any finished result may be delayed due to impending finals)

I suppose I'm playing with the idea of sea mammals, but with more terrestrial adaptations, perhaps adopting a lifestyle similar to that of the polar bear. I quite like the idea of Sealions moving towards more of a lion anatomy, or perhaps a sabre toothed walrus? I also think it could be interesting to use seabirds, perhaps some sort of Antarctic gryphon, as a mix between a sea lion and an albatross or something. 

Anyway, here are some quick initial sketches!


Moving away from the pinnipeds, I also messed around with Orcas. They are just such sleek, uber-predators with such strinking monochrome, especially when considering that that huge eyespot. I messed around with an agile mustelid body, and also then tried a sooty tern for some sort of wierd killerwhale dragon thing. 

Anyway, these are just initial concepts, I'll up date with more sketches soon. Let me know what you think! 


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