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Creative Idea 

focuses on the idea of gaining and then losing a love, not just romantically as well as struggling with figuring out who you are and who you do and do not want to be and the journey to find that as well as finding love

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Terms and Conditions 

  • romance
  • coming of age
  • 50K word count aim
  • PG-13 for mature mental themes

Story Excerpt - (very rough and old draft)

People always say that when someone is angry, they don't mean what they say. Robin thought the opposite. She though that people were at their rawest and most honest when they were angry. That's why anger scared her. It was full of the truth.

Robin stared at her shoes. She'd never looked at them for as long as she had now. She studied the scuff marks, and differences in colour. The more worn out patches and the patches that still looked as good as new. It had been almost an hour she found when she pulled her phone out from her bag. It didn't fully surprise her, she just continued to stare at things, not fully registering their meanings.

She sighed as she twirled her phone around in her hand. Robin didn't really know what she was going to do for the weekend. She wasn't going back to her fathers house for a very long time, and she didn't want to tell her mother about it right at this very moment as that would just complicate things further. And it wasn't like she had an abundance of people to call. Barely three actually.

Robin squeezed her eyes shut and lent back slightly. Her hair tickled the back of her neck and shoulders. She took a deep breath and unlocked her phone. She quickly went into contacts and opened up Eli's. Her thumb floated above the screen for a moment, the pressed to text him rather than call him. She feared she might cry and didn't want him to hear it.

Hey. She didn't know how else to start the conversation. A few minutes passed before he answered.

Hey Flake, how has the beginning of your weekend been? Eli seemed jolly and Robin didn't want to impose of him.

Same old, same old. Technically the truth. It took Eli a few minutes to reply again, so Robin put on earphone in.

Is that a good or a bad thing Flake? Robin was shocked. She didn't have an answer ready for him. She stared at her phone trying to come up with a lie good enough. She must have taken too long as Eli had already sent another text through. I'll take that as a no then. What can I do to help?

Nothing. I was just bored and you're the only person's number I have so I texted you. It seemed like it would pass as good lie.

We both know that's not true Flake. She only had just enough time to read the text before Eli was calling her. Robin faltered for a moment before accepting the call and putting it up to her ear.

"Flake, are you okay?" His voice was soft but also warm. Robin didn't really know how to answer. She wanted to tell him she was far from it, but she didn't want to get more hurt. She didn't understand why all of a sudden she didn't trust him, but Robin had always followed her gut instincts.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" She tried to sound calm and cool, although she was falling apart internally.

"Don't bullshit me Robin. You know me, and you know I'm not going to back down without trying to help you. Now, why don't you answer me again. Are you okay?" Eli sounded angry, and Robin didn't know what to do.

"I... I'm not okay but I'm fine." Robin knew it didn't make sense but she said it anyway.

"Right, where are you?" Eli sounded like he was getting up on the other end of the call.


"Because I'm coming to get you, that's why Flake. So where are you?"

Robin realised she didn't know herself and looked around for some street signs. She told him the address and street name but regretted it almost immediately. She trusted him, but... She couldn't describe it.

"Okay, I'll see you soon."

"Eli..." Robin said it softly just before the call was to end.


Robin didn't know what she planned on saying. She felt it had been important, yet she couldn't remember it what-so-ever. "See you soon."

The call ended and Robin just stared at her shoes again. Her shoelaces had a dirt scuff on them. She wondered how it had gotten there. Part of it also seemed to be pulled out of shape. It was interesting to her to think about what the shoe might have gone through. Maybe she was going crazy though, she didn't really know anymore.

Robin hugged her knees into her chest and lay her head on them. She still didn't cry or anything like that. She just sat drowning in thought. Somewhere deep inside, she had always though she might have been an accident. Her family had never seemed healthy enough to make the decision on having a baby. Her fathers words echoed around her brain. Robin had always known he hated her but having him yell it at her just made it all too real.

Maybe her mother felt the same. They had been arguing a lot as of late. Maybe her father had gotten to her, and made her feel the same way. Maybe everybody had the same opinion on her. Her phone vibrated and she picked it up too see why. Her mother had texted her some news on Mischief. Her heart sank as she read.

They said he needs to stay over night at the least. They need to do more tests on him. Hope you have a good weekend with your Dad. try and be good to him. Robin only just felt like she wanted to cry. Now, after so many different things happening to her over the many years, only now did she feel like she couldn't handle it. At the idea of her cat being sick.

In most moments like this, she would be able to rationalise why. That cat had always stuck with her. It was the only piece of her life that had stayed for more than a short time. It was an anchor of sorts, and the possibility of that being taken away would shake anyone up. But right now was different. She couldn't rationalise any single thought she had. They all were in a jumble.

Just as her thoughts began to take an even darker turn, a car pulled up across the road from her. Eli stepped out from the passenger side and came over to her. "Flake," He said it softly and went to put his arms around her. She shrugged him away, and he looked hurt but she didn't really pay attention.

"I told you I wasn't okay but I was fine." Robin stood up, her arms folded over her chest. She remembered reading somewhere that having your arms folded had some special meaning.

"Being okay and being fine are two different things, and I know the difference. Trust me, I know. Come on, you can stay with me for as long as you need." He put his arm around her back, but soon changed his mind to just having it by his side.

Robin slipped into the back of the car. Eli got into the front next to his Dad. His father didn't say anything to her, and just started the car. The car radio was playing with some old rock and roll. Robin knew the tune, just not the song name. The car ride of awkward on many levels, but Robin just slipped back into her thoughts.

How many people was that now? Parker. Her own father. Probably her mother. So many other people when she was a kid. And probably Eli soon. Marcy already seemed to have something against her. Once Eli was gone, Kit and Felicity would leave as well. It really was only a matter of time. And if Mischief was sick, he could also be added to that list.

They finally arrived at Eli's house and Robin entered to only find it even more awkward. His mother said hi, glared at her son then left to go to her office. Eli's father followed after her, not saying a word.

"They'll be fine. This way," Eli walked to the back of the house and opened up one of the last doors. "You can stay in here for a while, this way you can avoid contact with my parents for the most part. It'll be better that way."

"Ah, thanks Eli." Robin placed her bag down on one of the chairs and sat down on the other. There was a neatly made bed in one corner of the room with a desk next to it, and a television with a few lounge chairs around it in the other. It seemed to be an entertainment cross bedroom.

"That's okay Flake. Anytime you need me..." He watched her for a moment. He looked her up and down, and then focused on her face. "You're not going to tell me what's going on in that head of yours are you?"

Robin smirked in spite of her mood. "Nope."

Eli smiled a little too, although he still did seem upset and angry. "I guess that's just you Flake. Always mysterious... Is there anything you want? Some food maybe?"

"No, not right now." She wasn't hungry, and doubted she would be for a very long time. "Thanks for the offer though." Eli nodded and turned away for the door.

"Flake..." Eli said, still facing the door. "Next time just tell me you're not okay, would you?"

"I'll try Eli." Robin felt a pang of guilt in her chest, but she knew why she hadn't told him straight away. She was scared, and she had a feeling she always would be scared to open up to anyone. It was going to be a weakness of hers forever.

"That's all I can ask for. I'll come in and say goodnight in a few hours. In the meantime, just rest." He closed the door, but not before smiling at her.

Robin sunk lower into her chair. She closed her eyes, and screamed internally. She felt like she wanted to die. She wanted to just sleep forever and not have to deal with anything or anyone ever again. Everything sucked and she didn't feel like she had the strength to deal with anything anymore.

She opened her eyes again and decided to explore the room a little more. There were two doors leading to somewhere else. She opened the first one and found it was just a closest. She moved over to the next one and found it was a bathroom.

Robin turned on the tap and splashed some water onto her face. She lent her hands on the edges of the basin as her thoughts churned once again. They were getting further and further from what was reality. Normally, she could understand when this was happening and alter her thoughts accordingly, but she couldn't seem to change them.

She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She looked exhausted. She looked exactly as she felt. Robin clenched her fists and had the urge to hurt something. Her gaze went around the room looking for something to use to get her anger on. She eyes lingered on the wall, and then on a range of sharp things. Robin walked back out of the bathroom feeling better, but she had a feeling it wouldn't last for long.

Robin fell onto her bed, curled into a ball and sank into her thoughts once again.


Story Description 

"People should just come with a damn set of terms and conditions about having them in your life."

Robin's been through more than what any teenager should ever have to go through, and yet she still finds a way to keep a smile on her face. Most of the time. She's been struggling, that's no secret. But now, as she's trying to make things change for her and her life, the world just throws a new spanner in the works with a boy. It sounds cliche that a boy can have such of an impact on a girl but in this story, it's not the boy that's making the impact. It's the girl. 

Story Overview

Terms and conditions is told in third person, centring around our main character Robin and the events of her life and mind. We start off with a introduction to her character and personality and as the story progress and she goes through trials and tribulations we see whether she triumphs or crumbles under her mental illnesses and different pressures put onto her from supporting characters. Eli is a central character, love interest of course and best friend to her. Family is a problem, as are most, but Robin is forced to make a live changing decision because of all they put her through. This decision not on impacts her relationship with Eli, and her family, but could change the course of her life altogether. It's not as simple as an argument between her and her mother unfortunately. It's become a matter of if it's still healthy being in the environment she is in and it being a core reason her relationship and self come crashing down. 


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