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Tender is the night : Book Cover

First step : Brain Storming

I decided to go for Tender is the night, one of my favorite books. I am rereading it right now, so I thought it could be good since I'm immersed in its mood and feeling. 

Step two : Inspirations

I looked up vintage covers of the title, as well as typographies from that era. I wanted to stay classic (my choice being quite predictable anyway after that big gatsby hype recently).

I was going for a literal interpretation. The main character is named Rosemary, and one famous quote from the book goes : "You’re the only girl I’ve seen for a long time that actually did look like something blooming"

That's why I researched photographs of blooming rosemaries (I had no idea what a rosemary flowers looked like!).

Another token of the book for me is the scene where Nicole is sunbathing a string of pearls on top of her orange bathing suit. I researched pictures of pearls strings and found one that I particularly liked.

Also, since the book was originally published in Scribner's monthly, I took a look at what it looked like. And I found a great cover with an amazing Serif type with loads of ornaments.

I created a moodboard on Pinterest.


Step three :

Step four : THUMBNAILS !

Stepf five : DOODLES

I tried to include a Gate, because of a passage in the book where Rosemary is remembering how Nicole and Dick are closing the gate behind their guest after the party. It embodies that mysterious, magnetic aspect that the couple has, as they allow people in, but only for a limited time. But as you will be able to tell, my drawing skills is... nonexistant so I decided let that idea behind.

Another thing that I came across in my inspiration search is Fitzgerald signature. I thought it would be fun to use it on the cover, since the name of the authors needs to appear.

Step five : SKETCH

My first sketch has problems. NIGHT it to high, and I am not 100% satisfied with how my script looks. I might add ornaments to the frame as well.


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