Dinudey Baidya

Trying to be student again



Ten random doodles

Day 10, 22/03/16


In this exercise, I changed my style to comic panels and explored the idea that we all have different avatar reserved for different people and sometimes in extreme cases these avatar settings get override 


Day 9, 20/03/16

Overhasty alphabetical

It is a usual day in Alphaville, bright sun and cool breeze but Small A is not feeling like going to school. So Big A had to drag him to the bus stand but they have to run because the bus is almost gone.


Day 8, 19/03/16

Staggers Cetorhinus

Staggers is kind of disease wherein the cattle can't keep their balance, Cetorhinus is shark which looks cute, two new things I have learnt, so does the Cetorhinus. Learning to walk on stilts.


Day 7, 17/03/16


I still don't know the meaning of it but I am guessing it is related to something sinister. I imagined it to be a crocodile acting all cute but with sinister intentions is theme for a musical and it is performed by the Lady Croc herself


Day 6, 16/03/16


The sign language which we generally see someone using in the airport runway with two hands, I was imagining it being performed by animals.



Day 5, 15/03/16


Well we all have experienced hangover and something we don't even want to remember, I have put few visuals which are related to it like hating anything which emits light, cotton mouth, nausea etc


Day 4, 14/03/16


The word traditional gave me a complex imagery which we follow as a society, some level it is all interconnected but which also divides us, they were invented to serve a certain purpose but now we follow it without knowing it. 


Day 3, 13/03/16


I took politics as theme and made conniving politician who schmeer false hope and promises to get the vote bank


Day 2, 12/03/16


Madbrained are geniuses they can relate unrelatable things, they can think of common points between two distinct objects which logic will not permit which leads to society terming them as mad.


Day 1, 9/3/16


After googling for the meaning of schnorrer the first thing came to my mind is the utensil used by a beggar. But then I realised we all are  beggars in some form or the other we take things from our earth without returning. And classic case of schnorrer the politicians



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