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Temple Visit

I've adapted an experience I had with my friends in Japan. It was new year's eve and we were in Sendai. We ventured out at night hoping to find some festivial spirit. But the whole town was dead. So we just wondered around. There were lots of temples, but they were all quiet, completely dark and just eerie.

Eventually, we were game enough to explore one. It had a mysterious atmosphere, lit up with a few red lanterns. Beyond those lanterns, it was dark again. We walked half way, when I noticed some stone structures on the right. They looked like gravestones, millions of them. I was not feeling gutsy enough to be walking in a cemetry at night in the dark, so we retreated to the street lights. 

We continued strolling through Sendai until we found a neat garden with wide welcoming doors. It looked fairly well-lit so we felt more comfortable and quite excited. Inside, was a peaceful scene of low shrubs. A long stone path split the middle. Garden lights and small stone buddhas decorated the side of the path. I had never been to a temple where there was no one. I was in awe. 

We walked up the stairs and checked out the quaint garden. We saw a stone structure, similar to the million gravestones that we saw earlier. I'm not sure what they are, but perhaps some form of memorial. Since it was just us, we were making around. Running around all over the place, as if it were our own playground. 

Then suddenly we heard a strange noise. Everyone went quiet. The strange noise yelled this time, filled with fury and aggravation. They freaked the crap out of me. My friend and I bolted down the stairs. I don't know what it was, but I assume it was some kind of an animal. Anyway, we were relieved, it was fun, and we went back to our hotels.



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