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Tempering Of Chocolates Like Professional Bakers

Class Description:

You DON’T temper chocolate when you are baking or are going to consume the chocolate immediately, such as melting and pouring over ice cream. We suggest that for the very best results in making candies and other dipped items, you temper the chocolate – even if it’s going to be used within 24 hours – especially if you want the chocolate to set up perfectly, to have a snap and a sheen, and if you want to coax the most flavor from the chocolate. If these details are not important to you, then you can use the chocolate without tempering if it will be consumed within 24 hours.

But to make chocolate look delicious and have that extra shine on it, follow the techniques step by step as I have told and you will be really happy with the end product.

Class Project :

If possible, share the photos of your tempering and how your chocolates look before and after tempering. I am sure you will be impressed with the result. Share the photos of the moulds where you set your chocolates after tempering. It a very exciting project. Please try it.

Introduction Video:

Class Outline:

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