TempApp - student project

  So I prefer working in Illustrator for layout bc I think that it's much easier to size and scale vector art. Also, it allowed me to focus on typography and layout before adding the fun imagery. Here's my process

TempApp - image 1 - student project

TempApp - image 2 - student project

Besides my three main screens, I wanted to deal with adding cities to the app. Here's the feedback loop for that.

TempApp - image 3 - student project

TempApp - image 4 - student project

TempApp - image 5 - student project

I looked at a lot of weather apps and realized that so many of them gave WAYYY too much info. Basically, I figured that the main "at a glance info" could be distilled to location, current temps, snapshot of day and snapshot of 7 day. Secodary info was more granular i.e. temp over time or cutomizing location information.