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Temp Job

This is my first project using brush only; no marker, no nib. I wanted to explore the idea of a person conforming to an office situation, who had something more exotic than tattoos to cover up. I am very drawn to illustration that suggests an interesting narrative.

  I used myself as a model, and the hardest part was reconciling the two photos to acheive the correct angle and proportion.

  I tried to convey six textures in this piece, as per instruction; scales, hair, embroidered cotton, wool skirt, metal scissors,and skin.

 I used the ink suggested, and a series of fine watercolor brushes. I'm so happy with the result, and find it to be much more expressive and lively than just trying to trace an image with markers. I was pleasantly surprised that I could achieve such a fine line with just brushes.

 I will recommend this class to anyone interested in learning brushwork; excellent instruction and insight into this process.

   Thanks so much for offering this class.


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