Temp: A social weather app that helps you plan your day.

Temp: A social weather app that helps you plan your day. - student project

During brainstorming, it ocurred to me that weather affects what you wear, sometimes what you eat or drink, and often what you do that day. Rather than offer the user as much weather info as possible, I want to emphasize categories (clothes/shoes, food/beverage, and activities) that are suggestions for that day's particular weather. The user can change the main category icon/illustration for the day/moment and add two (three total), to either what the plan to do, or after the fact to what they did do. In the change category, the user can share an image of the icons they selected along with the temp at the moment. I'm not sure if this is a necessary option, but I think the icons/illustrations and the temp could be interesting enough to share alone. I am also contemplating if the temp, and category icon should be atop a photographic element depicting the weather. 

Temp: A social weather app that helps you plan your day. - image 1 - student project

There is a camera action that allows the upload of up to three photos, to document your day. This post is essentially a triptych composed of the categories you choose. For example, the forecast for today is 90 degrees, and recommends that I wear shorts, drink water, and go biking. My photos would then be one of each, a triptych of shorts, water, and bicycles. The user can see other people's day/triptych in a newsfeed,  The main actions a user can make on antother person's day is a sun icon representing a good day, see what the day's categories are, and see similar days/triptychs from other locations based on temperature.

The forecast and Plan a Day action are accessed through a calendar-like button/icon. The forecast is in the top half of the screen, featuring three days, a suggested category and temp. Users can swipe left to reveal more days, and can swipe up to hide the forecast. 

The Plan a Day idea, is that you choose from the three categories what you want to do on a day in the future, weather permitting. After you have chosen the categories, you pick whether the day is random (your schedule is wide open for this kind of day), or on a certain day or range. (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays you are free). You then choose an ideal temperature, or temp. range. Once the event has been processed, it is scheduled as soon as the weather forecast finds a match.

Last but not least, the profile page. There is a profile pic, some bio, and thier photos/days. Across from the profile pic, there are three actionable tasks. The first box/icon is an anchor link to the users photos, the second, places where the user has docmented their day, and the third, their favorites. Their favorites are determined by the categories that a user chooses the most. 

I also thought of a possible slogan- "You can't change the weather, but you can change your plans."

I've already seen a lot of great ideas on here, and I'm excited to see how they all progress!

Thanks guys,  I look forward to your feedback.

Bartholomew Fish

Designer and Illustrator