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Temp° Final Mock & process

When designing this app my focus was  creating something that users can access quickly.So I thought swiping would be the most efficient way in doing so, That being said most everything in my ui design is a swipe. except for typing in the different cities and the button on the header, you could tap the button, but you can also swipe to get their as well. 

swipe left to add or delete cities from your main screen.

swipe down/up-  it will toggle through each city you have listed. 

swiping right - to open the hourly forecast,  

Just a few things, that  was important to include:

Hourly forecast - If your like me, and live in a place where it's sunny one minute and rainy the next. You can appreciate knowing the weather conditions when walking to the metro.

Weekly forecast- I felt that it was important, especially when I use to travel quite a bit, knowing the weather for the next couple of days  helps when trying to pack for a 3-day trip.

Current weather - It may seem silly to some, and understandable so, if you want the current weather, why not go outside or look outside your window. But again I live in Florida, where it looks like it's 72° and sunny, when really it's  60° and just daytime. Also when you live on the fifth floor going back for a jacket sometimes isn't an option.

I wanted the users to be able to quickly access the info that they need, and not be distracted by the design. A lot of my design choices are subtle for that reason. However, they're textures, amoung other things throughout, for instance in the header there is a zig zag pattern.

Final Project Shots:

Note: Click on the images to enlarge

I choose two colors from the color pallet that was provided, even though they were very pretty, I thought using them all would take away from my goal. 

The icons are Adam Whitecroft's Climacons 

Feedback is always appreicated .


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