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Temitopé Owolabi

Hi my name is Temitopé Owolabi and I'm from Ottawa, Ontario Canada one of the coldest capitals in the world. I started taking photos september last year and I haven't stopped since. One of my toughes challenges I have faced with photography, is shooting during the winter. As you can see in my photos I tried my best to capture some awesome photographs despite the freezing temperatures. Hope you get inspired.

I shoot regularly with a Canon 60D and the lens I always use is a 50mm standard prime lens.


My Personal Portfolio: www.temitopeowolabi.com

Find me on Instagram: TemitopeOwolabi


Here are my final four photographs for my class project:

One candid portrait:

Out here in the capital, the downtown area gets quite busy all the time. After a few several shots, I was lucky enough to capture this portrait of a man infront of his Hotdog stand. 


One image showcasing motion (utilizing blur):

Believe this or not but this was my first time ever capturing a motion blur shot like this. I try to make it a habit anytime I'm around the downtown area, to have my camera on my shoulder just incase I come across something interesting that I want to capture instantly. And just right when I was about to catch my bus to go home, I managed to capture this salt stained 2014 Chevy Cruze. I like the overall vibes of this photo because the salt stains on the car shows how harsh our winter really is out here. 


One "look-up" shot:

There isn't that many tall interesting buildings in the city of ottawa okay I lied maybe I just havent explored the city enough but I was able to get this lookup shot with my 50mm lens, I kind of wish I had a 24mm but this was the best I could do.


One image taken at night (from the above three categories):

I took a night drive around the city and I came across this bridge. It took me quite sometime to figure out the right settings because it was my first time once again shooting with a long expose and at night time. After shooting for about 15-30mins and having my fingers frost nipped I was happy with this result. 



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