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Temeraire book series - mood board

Hello Nancy and fellows creatives!

I love mood boards, although I'd never actually managed to do one before. I signed up for this class months ago but hadn't gone very far. I think what finally did the trick was starting with the layout.

01 | In her class, Nancy suggests using a unique layout for all our mood boards. While looking up examples of mood boards, I noticed that some designers do use the same layout for all of theirs.

So I gathered a few that stood out and studied them. I noted what I thought worked and didn't, and made my own (using the Adobe Comp app on iPad).


That is the final layout, with suprisingly few changes from the first one I tried with actual images. I might change it in the future, but for now it works well enough.

02 | As for the theme of my mood board, I chose a book series called Temeraire by Noami Novik. It's set during the Napoleonic Wars in an alternate universe where dragons are real, captained by a human they imprint on at birth and rode into battle by whole teams of men.

The story (and my board) revolves around an ex-British Navy Captain, Cpt Laurence, and his dragon, Temeraire. Laurence is an honourable man, second son of a Lord, who ran away to sea at a young age. Temeraire is a huge black dragon of Chinese descent, who loves knowledge and, like all dragons, treasures.

My first ideas where:

  • the sea/Navy (old ships, ropes, Royal Navy uniforms, sailing paraphernalia)
  • black scales
  • old letters (very important at the time, and to Laurence)
  • that latin math book Temeraire loves (Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica)
  • chinese landscapes
  • dark dragons (komodo) paws (mostly the claws)

And those are the images I first curated, a very literal interpretation. It might have been the fact that I'd just finished my first successful attempt at a mood board (for a logo design project), but when I took up this excercise today, I went a different way.

I started my search with those ideas in mind:

  • green (dark, bottle green)
  • gold
  • black
  • rich, luxurious
  • texture (wool, embroidery, textile)
  • old writing/book
  • ropes
  • chinese hint

My very first key words in Pinterest were "green gold". I hit enter and then I Pinned, a lot.

03 | When I finally stopped gathering, I picked and chose about 20 images which I sent on to my iPad. There, I picked and chose a bit more, decided which and where to put them to get the best effect.

I got a nice mix of photos, texts, textures, patterns and colours. The theme is a lot more subtle than what I was going for at first, but I really like it. I see both Laurence and Temeraire in it, which was the intent after all.


04 | And finally, after a lot of research, the credits (from top to bottom, left to right):

  1. Cascadia wallcovering (peacock feathers) by Schumacher
  2. Fiber sculpture by Dana Barnes Studio
  3. Stainless steel fish scales mosaic tile from China
  4. Photo (might be) by Daniel Berehulak, from Getty Images
  5. Source: Envers du Décor, photographer unknown (Google image wasn't any help there)
  6. Designed by David Easton for Safavieh, phtographer unknown
  7. Might have been made by Lenneke Wispelwey, photographer unknown
  8. Created by Andrés Kanellopoulos, photographer unknown
  9. By Sicis : the Mosaic Factory
  10. Photo by Lurii Sokolov on Getty Images

So, what do you think?


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