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Telling stories with color

I'm finally getting back to this and have chosen some emotions:

  • Comfort - illustrated with a comfort food (maybe a soup)
  • Energy - brightly colored fruits
  • Cheer - baked goods
  • Desolation - lack of food - crumbs on a plate


So far I'm thinking about two possible approaches.

My first thought was to create images of food. I think food and emotion are closely tied for many people. My idea was to choose foods associated with different emotions and to depict them with different color palettes that convey those emotions.

Possible ideas on this:

  • Joy - A bowl of brightly colored citrus fruits.
  • Sadness/grief - A stew in a dark-colored bowl.
  • Warmth/comfort - An apple pie depicted in soothing colors.

My concern is that I won't be able to come up with enough variety in foods/color palettes without some of them looking really ugly.

My other idea was to depict the four seasons, which each season representing an emotion.

  • Winter - Loneliness, isolation, etc. Maybe the color conveys the fact that it gets dark early.
  • Spring - Anticipation, energy, eagerness.
  • Summer - Joy, fun, excitement.
  • Fall - Comfort, calm - or sadness/grief, as things die and become dormant.

The seasons idea sounds easier, but the food idea could allow for more creativity. Suggestions either way are welcome!


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