Telling Stories Like Nathaniel

Telling Stories Like Nathaniel - student project


   Hi guys! I have been a huge fan of Nathaniel's for over a year. What I love about his content is that it's valuable and beautiful. I've learned a lot about language learning, travel, and mental clarity. This skillshare video of his is no different. Not only did I learn how to find inspiration, but I also learned new ways to critique my work and improve. I want to implement more of what he said about telling a story that is helpful, valuable, and interesting. 


   Thank you, Nathaniel! I'm a big fan of yours.


   As for right now, I have linked my Youtube channel called Wander and Words that I recently made. I was very nervous to post my work online, but I decided to face my fear and pursue my passion. I am happy with where my work is going. However, I am going to work on telling more of a story within each video. 

   Feel free to check out some of my work. 

My youtube channel:


Here are some videos that I've made to show the beauty of different locations:

MEXCAN and Wander and Words