Tell Me a Story or Sing Me a Song

I'm so excited to start this class! Choosing colors has always been difficult to me and I'm sorry to say I've relied on tools to do the picking for me for too long (*cough*kuler*cough*), so I'm looking forward to building my skills through this class. 

I like to look for inspiration before I begin brainstorming, so I turned to a few resources to get started after watching the first set of video lessons. 

First, I started rummaging in a couple of design books from college:

I took a few photos on my phone of samples I felt had interesting uses of color from the history book, as well as a couple of book covers from my shelves. Forgive the poor quality! 


(Isn't The Flame Alphabet cover gorgeous?)

And a couple of screenshots from Pinterest, of course: 

I will continue to research throughout my process, but I'll probably only post the really interesting findings here if they're relevant to my project. 

Now, onto brainstorming! Free association! Word webs! 

I found myself running out of room for all the emotions I wanted to explore, but I had a seed of an idea for a concept brewing, so I mostly explored that route and the emotions I thought would be related. 

Next I began to explore concepts and the emotions associated with them. The first idea I had was a four-panel story told through four basic emotions: contentment, anger, surprise, and shame. 

The second idea was less linear. I explored some imagery and emotions from a few songs by one of my favorite bands, Fleet Foxes. Some of the emotions are hard to name, but four of them that I'm leaning towards are hope, grief, shock/disgust, and anger. 

Next time, I'm going to decide on one of the two concepts above and begin some preliminary sketches for the four panels! 


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