Tekserve Blog User Acquisition Project

Tekserve Blog User Acquisition Project - student project

Tekserve launched a blog on its website about a year ago. So far we've had a very small amount of visitors to the blog portion of our website. Our website in general sees about 100,000 unique visitors per month, at least as far Google Analytics reports.

The goal of this project is to increase the traffic and engagement on the Tekserve blog.

Currently I am reviewing Google Analytics so I can get a firm handle on all the metrics that I'll need to achieve the goal of this project.

So far, these are the metrics I'm planning to assess:

Pageviews (weekly)

Unique Visitors (weekly)

Pageviews per Visit (weekly)

Average Time Spent on Website (weekly)

Agregated Total Pageviews for Top Five Blog Posts (weekly)

Average Bounce Rate (weekly)

The Tekserve Blog Viral Map

1. List all major “players” in the system

a. Online blog reading community/visitors to Tekserve.com website/Tekserve eNewsletter subscribers

b. Third-party networks: Google searchers, Facebook browsers

c. Tekserve content production staff

2. List out any selfish reasons why each player would browse the Tekserve blog

a. Online blog reading community/visitors to Tekserve.com website/Tekserve eNewsletter subscribers - want to find interesting, entertaining and useful information about Apple hardware, software, services and accessories that work with Apple products. They also enjoy discussion topics that relate to apps or media that can be consumed through Apple products.

Mostly, these topics, educational opportunites or knowledge give people a sense of power  and recognition, whether that be over apps, hardware or technology. This is something that is increasingly relevant to people in a world that is obsessed with technology. If you know how to do something cool with your iPhone that most people don't know how to do, then you seem more powerful in addition to gaining recognition from other people

b. Third-party networks: Google searchers, Facebook browsers - want to find highly relevant information with Google searches; or, in the case of Facebook, they're looking to be entertained and may also have an interest in information or educational opportunities that allow them to use computers and mobile devices to do fun things with their friends or people in their social network.

The human motivations that are activated in these environments are mostly a sense of power, in terms of somebody easily and quickly finding the information they're looking for once they click through to a blog post on Tekserve.com. Depending on the topics covered in blog posts, there are also opportunities for people to be motivated by topics that touch upon sex and money.

c. Tekserve content production staff - want to do their jobs better so they can gain an advantage at work and in their careers in the future. They want to know that people are reading their posts, commenting on their posts and specifically need data in terms about which posts are read more frequenctly than others.

Money, Power and Recognition are the human motivations of this group, for obvious reasons.

3. List out all things you could possibly charge each player for on the service

a. Online blog reading community/visitors to Tekserve.com website/Tekserve eNewsletter subscribers - Tekserve does not charge for blog content or educational classes currently, but instead makes it's money from being the best reseller of Apple focused technology products. Therefore, Tekserve wants to get people to 1) signup for the Tekserve eNewsletter, 2) learn about products and create a user account on the Tekserve webstore 3) Register for classes at Tekserve 4) Buy products from Tekserve's webstore or retail store in Manhattan

b. Third-party networks: Google searchers, Facebook browsers - Tekserve would want this group to take the same actions as above, but additionally, Tekserve would like to get these people to follow, friend, fan or otherwise attach Tekserve to their social media accounts on Facebook, Google, Google+, LinkedIn or other social networks.

c. Tekserve content production staff - this group needs to be inspired and excited about their work, so this means they need to be carefully given more flexibility to come up with blog posts or columns that align with natural inclinations, hobbies or pursuits that they are passionate about outside of work. This needs to be balanced with the corporate communications strategy of Tekserve, so time needs to be dedicated to preparing excellent guidelines for the content production staff that liberates them as much as it keeps them in line with elaborating on and reinforcing the core messages/themes of Tekserve.

4. For 2 and 3 above give a very short reason you think the player would be motivated to need their contact or pay for the service

a. Online blog reading community/visitors to Tekserve.com website/Tekserve eNewsletter subscribers - these people would be motivated to read the blog because they would feel powerful with the information or solutions that they would learn when they read the blog. The more questions Tekserve can answer about technology, the more people would want to return to Tekserve.

b. Third-party networks: Google searchers, Facebook browsers - the more Tekserve's blog content can relate to the Google keywords people are searching for, or the more the Tekserve's blog relates to the most commonly entertaining content found on Facebook, the more these audiences will want to return to the Tekserve blog.

c. Tekserve content production staff - employees who gain recognition and praise from their employers based on producing content that the Tekserve blog community trafficks, the harder this staff will work on producing better content. The more freedom producers have to create content that originates from their existing passions in life, this will make their work generally more interesting to the blog reading audience.


{{Second week parts}}
5. List the channels (email, facebook, text message, etc.) that you will send your users’ invites through and how you will get that contact data
6. Create what those invites will look like