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Tiernan McAlister

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



T[ee]wenty One Pilots

After watching the client interview, I was leaning more towards the reggae theme that Tyler had mentioned as a new direction for the band to explore. I started into drawing up designs for something with a reggae feel to it. After a while of hitting brick walls, and not coming up with something that would fit well onto a t-shirt, a changed direction and went a bit more aztec. I had seen (on google images) that the band sometimes liked to wear shirts that incorporated this aztec style design, like here:

and here

That may seem far fetched, but it looked like a cool way to go.

So I sketched out some ideas. I thought a customised type (in fact, an entirely new type of my own creation) on the "Power to the Local Dreamer" phrase would be cool, and so I sketched that out.

Then I figured I'd do the band name too.

I took the design into illustrator and "pen tooled" the lettering to clean it up a bit. I also added some aztec designs to bring the piece together, and I added the logo mark as well.

I then added the band colours.

Next I brought is into Photoshop, blurred the lines, added texture, and separated the colours like Brandon shows us in the tutorials.

Finally I made the t-shirt mockup.

White on Red:

In greyscale:

I decided I may as well have a go at another design, since this was a lot of fun. So I removed the phrase "Power to the Local Dreamer", in case fans weren't dead keen on it, but would prefer the band name by itself. I stuck to the aztec theme, and designed a sun to go around the logo mark.

In white on a red tee:

In greyscale:

I hope you guys like the designs.

Any and all feedback would be most appreciated & thanks to Brandon for a great class.


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