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Teeny Day

So, I just joined this class and I've created my list!  It's pretty mundane, but I'm excited to get this started nonetheless!

  1. Alarm on phone goes off.

  2. Check weather on phone

  3. Wash Face/Brush Teeth

  4. Pick out clothes for day

  5. Put on makeup

  6. Prepare breakfast/lunch for work

  7. Kiss boyfriend goodbye

  8. Take El to work

  9. Check email

  10. Count money (accounting job)

  11. Surf web/computer work

  12. Lunch break

  13. Leave work - Take stairs to time clock

  14. Take El home

  15. Cook dinner

  16. Hobbies: Drawing/blogging

  17. Spend time with boyfriend: tv/movie

  18. Take a shower

  19. Check Instagram / Play on iPhone

  20. Go to bed


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