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Teenagers From Outer Space

Edit: updated to answer some questions of motivation.

Rather than create a story of my own, I've chosen a public domain b-movie to make my own version of.  The movie is "Teenagers from Outer Space", released in 1959 on a shoestring budget, and most known for being featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I  feel that with some help, the story has potential for a lot of sweetness and soul. 

Once upon a time there was a teenager named Derek, a member of an alien race which considers itself supreme in all of the galaxy. 

And every day he would unhappily work at his job operating a space craft with a small crew, seeking out planets to convert into pastures for their monstrous homicidal alien livestock, known as gorgons. A breeding pair of gorgons is kept in suspended animation on the ship, to be released at the chosen destination.

Until one day his ship is assigned to raze and cultivate the planet Earth. Derek is horrified at the prospect of the gorgons slaughtering intelligent beings, and refuses to unleash the gorgons. 

And because of this, Derek escapes from his duties, sets off into the nearest town, feigns amnesia and is taken in by a kind Earth family. When informed of Derek's desertion, the king himself demands Derek be safely returned, for he (Derek) is a prince who will learn of his bloodline and inherit the throne when he comes of age. 

And because of this, the crew, led by the ruthless and jealous Thor, is sent to capture Derek alive. Thor and his crew go on a city-wide rampage in search of the boy. Derek defends his new home valiantly, under the guise of being a normal Earthling.

And because of this, an injured Thor releases the gorgons from the ship to destroy the planet with Derek still on it (to Thor's satisfaction). The arrival of gorgons means certain doom for Earth. 

And because of this, Derek reveals himself to his Earth family to be not human. With alien technology at their disposal, Derek and the Earthlings formulate and execute a plan (which I need to figure out what that is! In the film it involved supercharging an alien gun with powerlines, but there may be a more elegant solution.)

Until finally the gorgons are successfully vanquished and Earth is saved.

Ever since that day, despite his worst fears of rejection by the inhabitants of this planet he'd grown to love, Derek is accepted into Earth society and begins life anew.

And just for fun, here's a gorgon! Definitely not a lobster. 


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