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Tee'n It Up

So after finally getting some time to get into this project, i've nailed down 3 main concepts that i will build upon as i explore each concept individually.

From watching the briefing video, i decided to focus my ideas on the use of negative space where possible and creating designs that are simple and bold, but still creative enough to get the punters talking.

Concept 1 - This concept is centred on a reggae pattern that wil punch out the Twenty One Pilots bars icon. I've researched some possible patterns but the majority of the patterns were quite simple so the need to indulge will definately be required.

Concept 2 - I really Wanted to explore a concept using a long rectangular design that covers the entire front of a tee. Tyler mentioned that he didn't want a tee soley focussed on himself, so using a photo that represents both members of the band, as well as creating a strong connection to their live performances. I've found a photo that could be perfect for the design and could incorporate a negative space element once more.

Concept 3 - I think out of all of these concepts this final idea has the most potentential. The structure of the type in a circle will have to be very legible for the design to work. It's a simlpe idea but has the potential to be quite unique and thus desirable to the cosumers.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Cheers :)


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