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Twenty One Pilots tee project



Tee designs for Twenty One Pilots

PIANO MAN: So here is one tee version w/Tyler on the piano. Love how he interacts w/his piano. Sitting up there singing to the crowd, or dancing on top of, or leaping off!  On the backof the tee is the logo w/a quote from Tyler from one of his shows "stay alive...it's worth it...i promise you!" I'd really love to see some of TOP's merch get this message across, that is prevalent in so many of their songs. (Life sucks sometimes, but you can get thru it, etc.). I 'dirtied up the logos a little w/texture.

TWO MAN BAND: A couple of different color versions of this design. Version 1 is showing that TOP is a two man band (drums + piano). Utilizing their colors. I like the thinner circle as it allows the inner part of the logo to stand out more. V2 is basically the same but b&w, w/diff. logo placement.

NEON JOSH/TYLER: Playing around w/different colors & texture. Neon w/an oil painting filter. Wanted Josh/Tyler's personalities to come across...love how silly these guys are together! Also wanted to show Josh doing his back flip so put that on the back (not sure if the graphic really comes across??) Love tour dates on back of shirts too. 

Feedback greatly appreciated!! :-)

OK, a little late to the table here, but wanted to throw out a couple of ideas I had for a twenty one pilots tee.
Version 1: This is my 'Keep It Simple' design. Black tee. Basic b&w TOP logo but w/slight variation. White verticle bars; left one represents Josh w/drum sticks. The tilted bar on right represents Tyler w/piano keyboard. Horizontal bar is black w/white text 'twenty one pilots'. It could be that simple or I like the addition of a couple of silhouette figures interacting w/the logo. Josh is TOP blue doing his back flip; Tyler is TOP red, singing on top of the keyboard (in that adorably awkward way he has of sitting on his piano in concert.)  :-)
Thought process: One of the unique features of Twenty One Pilots is that there are only 2 band members w/only 2 instruments; drums & piano...no guitars whatsoever (well unless you count the ukelele!) So I wanted to portray that as well as the guys quirky-crazy stage antics. 
I think fans who've been to the show would immediately recognize the silhouettes as Josh/Tyler, and any newbie who didn't know who TOP was might be compelled to ask "WTH is that all about??"

Version 2A: Black tee. Graphic has a jagged edge. In the foreground are black silhouetted hands of the audience all doing the TOP symbol. Arms, hands blend/bleed into the black of the shirt at the bottom (if that makes sense). In the back is twenty one pilots red, white, blue logo with diffused stage lights. 
Thought Process: In the client interview at the start of this class, Brandon asks Tyler if he thinks that a year of using their new logo has generated enough recognition. When you go to a twenty one pilots show and tons of people are holding up their fingers in the TOP symbol (see inset photograph), I'd say that's a resounding YES! Very cool that the audience can reflect back to the band their appreciation/allegiance thru this symbol. I'd say definitely hold onto the symbol logo for a while ;-)

Version 2B:  Similar to version A, but silhouetted (or posterized) figures of Josh & Tyler banging on the drums, being held up by the crowd. This is always a huge crowd pleaser at their shows; usually saved for encore; an awesome way to end a show. The energy that they put into this is UNREAL! I see this graphic also w/the ragged edge, but maybe tilted, with some sort of funky print underneath (of a reggae nature, perhaps??)

Someone earlier in the class mentioned that they like lyric tees. I do too! And TOP has so many awesome lyrics to choose from. I envision something fairly small on the back; white text on black tee. For this example I chose a quote I heard from Tyler in concert "Stay alive...it's worth it...I promise you!" I thought that was so cool, considering much of the lyrical content of TOPs songs are about depression, suicidal tendencies, etc. Tyler has spoken before about how he hopes that his music can in some way help depressed youth.
But if he didn't want a personal quote like that then like I said there are tons of other great lyrics to put on the back of a tee. One of my favs, because it seems to represent the philosophy of the band so well is from 'Holding onto You':
"Lean with it; Rock with it; When we gonna stop with it? Lyrics that mean nothing; we were gifted with thought; is it time to move our feet to an introspective beat; it ain't the speakers that bump hearts; it's our hearts that make the beat."  That could even look cool just as a simple lyric tee, white type on front of a black shirt. Simple TOP logo at end of verse.



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