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Teddy by JD Salinger

This is the first project I upload to Skillshare -- I never do it because I want to upload the finished thing and it never happens, so let's see if posting it while in progress pushes me to get to the end of it :)

I've created a handmade illustrated book for this short story in my first year in college (some photos of it here), and I thought there was some good thinking back then but now I want to tackle the story again and see how my style evolved. So first of all I re-read the story (you can find it here) and took notes that are a mix of keywords/key images, relevant quotes from the story and personal notes about the metaphors, symbols, etc.



Tackled this a bit late in the evening, but I'll try to post the sketches and some digital versions tomorrow :) Wonder what your interpretations are for some of the symbols in this story!


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