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Teddy Squares Product Label

Product Story

My wife and I are on a journey to develop our own line of soft toys for children. The idea for this particular project began over 30 years ago with my father. He had a name and a vague product concept. Teddy Squares was the name and the product was large cube shaped teddy bears. Yet not until now, when my wife and I adopted his abandoned project, has his concept started to become a reality.

Teddy Squares are soft, squishy friends in convenient cube form. They are 6" cube bears hand sewn by my wife Megan. They are sewn with cotton fabric that has been digitally-printed with my illustrations and they are filled with soft and durable uphostry foam.

As we continue to slowly shape our product and expand the line, we are desparately in need of a label to quickly explain the Teddy Squares story when it's on the shelves.

Mood Board

Since our product is designed primarily for children, I am drawing inspiration from vintage children's book covers. I have also collected other various typographic designs that inspire me and convey the visual mood I would like our product label to have.


In progress....


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