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Teddy Bears Picnic


Yay I'm done!

I took MaJo's advice and created a bigger repeat tile so I could give my bears more movement and stop the repeat looking too formal. I decided not to go for a full-on tossed pattern as they looked a little odd (to me anyway!) upside down but I've rotated them (and the other elements) so hopefully the pattern looks less rigid now. I tried lots of backgrounds and settled on a crosshatched pattern because it reminded me of fabric and tablecloths. The colours don't look quite as good as I'd hoped once converted to RGB - years of working for print mean I use CMYK as standard so I may have to change my thinking.

If I'm honest I think there's a bit more work I could do to this but I am going to get it printed (so excited to see my first piece of fabric!) and decide once I've looked at it in real life. I'd like to build on this to create a full collection and think there's lots of scope for complementary patterns that would work with this main design.

I have really enjoyed this course and seeing how everyone else interpreted the brief - some great patterns!


I'm going to add to this as and when I can so I'll date my entries and work back from the top - hope that will make sense to anyone reading!

So I've drawn my motifs and started work on a repeat. I could really use some feedback as I'm unsure how it's working at the moment - I love the individual motifs but it's looking quite busy as a pattern. I think I could get a collection out of this by using the different elements but for the Spoonflower comp I'd like to get them all in if I can. This is how it's looking so far...


Well better late than never, I'm finally uploading my project so far. I'm loving the course and learning LOADS but finding it hard to fit everything in (bet I'm not the only one!) I'm finding myself wanting to work on this when I really should be doing other things so I am having to be very self-disciplined.

Anyway, as suggested I worked on a moodboard and word brainstorm before settling on my concept.

I loved the idea of a very British picnic and was torn between something posh and Wimbledon/Henley inspired or a 1950s Famous Five style affair. Neither was quite working for me though but during some further doodling, Googling and much Pinterest browsing I suddenly hit upon the idea of a Teddy Bears Picnic. I loved this traditional song when I was little and thought there would be lots of imagery that I could use as well as incorporating my previous ideas. I also really liked the idea of producing a children's pattern as it's something I've wanted to try for a while.

Here are some of my initial sketches.

I've now started to draw these in Illustrator and am really please with how they're looking - the tutorials on adding texture have been really useful as I've often felt my work is too flat. Incorporating pattern and texture is really helping to bring my bears to life!

Next job is to start creating my repeats which I'm hoping to tackle today...


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