I have a tremendous amount of experience understanding what a user wants on an online platform. I would like to start developing the skills necessary to transfer what I think a user wants into a very well designed and functional website. 

I would like to start designing and building websites for money as a side job and I think this class is the first step in the right direction.

My first project will be working on my roommates new companies website, techz.co. Currently the 1and1.com website is down so I will not be able to share the link. Hopefully I will be able to get this up tomorrow when the hosting site goes back online.


As of right now I am loading the website builder of 1and1.com for techz.co, because I want there to be some information on the website. Tomorrow I will load a couple of pages of the website that I have created.


Ok, now currently working on techz.co. 


I DID THIS. I just do not yet want to update the actual techz.co website. Once I learn some CSS for stylistic purposes I will update the real website.


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