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This comic idea is called Technomancy (working title) and is something I’ve had in my head for two years now and it's always changing. I really wasn’t sure what to do with it anymore so I decided to take a break from it. But this skillshare class was really insightful so I’m going to plot out the story. Side note I didn't do a very good job at skipping the details...


Theme: Overcoming diversity and doing what's right rather than blindly following the status quo.


Summary: Technomancy is about a society where some people are born different, with beautiful silver eyes and 'unexplainable' powers. These people are viewed as a disgusting and a dangerous burden to society, when exposed as a 'dead-eye' they are stripped from their life and banished to the outside world. They are treated like trash and left there to die in an empty polluted land. How does someone go on living in the world that wants them dead?  


Premise: Marceline is living in her parents attic in hiding because she was born a Silver (dormant). She's been home-schooled by her mother her whole life but occasionally she wears colored eye contacts and runs errands. Marceline starts out as very shy and sweet and pushes her sadness and frustrations deep inside without knowing.


Catalyst: One day while running errands Marceline gets jumped by some perverted thugs in an alley. In the commotion, one of Marcy’s contacts slides out of place and exposes her silver eyes. The thugs run away horrified and Marceline returns home in a panic, then the police arrive. Marceline’s parents refuse to cooperate and the police murder them for harpering a Deadeye. Marceline's power is unleashed for the first time due to the extreme stress and she destores her home in rage, killing the police officers and then blamed for the murder of her parents and police. She is banished to the outside.


Training: Marceline meets a group of people who run an Orphanage for kids who were banished to teach them how to control their powers. She begins to learn to control her power and the truth of the world as well as develop strong friendships and slowly building confidence. 


Hurdles: Marceline struggles at focusing her power so that it doesn’t endanger her friends especially if she is unsure of herself and worried that she'll mess up. Suddenly one of her friends, Roxanne is kidnapped by the government to experiment on and harness her power. It destroys Marceline; she feels responsible and gets trapped in her head imaging the worst.


Lesson: Mareline realizes with the help of her friends that the only way to move forward is to fight, because hiding will only put people she cares about in danger. She turns her fear into anger and tries to save Rox from the Government lab.


Denouement: With a heavy heart Marceline and her friends return with Roxanne in a critical condition, hoping their doctor can save her. Without any luck Roxanne passes away and Marcy and Rox’s brother are broken. 



End season One.

From this point forward in the second season the story would continue showing how Marceline overcomes her depression and they focus on the new problems that they learned about when they were in the Government's Lab.


I would really like to hear your thoughts because I am a little worried that the plot may have too many failures especially with the climax being the rock bottom essentially. But I think it may work out because the second season would be filled with more success and growth. The ultimate climax being that they expose the government for what it is to the rest of society and began a new era that has overcome diversity.

Mariah Hall
Art Student