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Techno Disco Lovers

My first attempt at a mood board, and my first time using Photoshop.

I named the board 'Techno Disco Lovers' which is the name of my Tumblr blog. In the main most of the images on my mood board come from images I've posted there at some point over the past few years.

I had an idea of a theme I was going for - futuristic and dystopian with a splatter of neon, however the end result is only sort of what I had in mind. It was fun doing it though, and for my first effort I'm happy with it. 

Having followed Meg's guide layout, I decided to have another crack at a second moodboard, this time using my own guides. I've kept the theme similar as these are the types of images I'm drawn towards, but this time I went for a colour scheme using a lot of orange. I like the orange and pink combo although it doesn't look quite as visually appealing as it did in my head.

I think I prefer my first attempt overall, but I enjoyed the process again and I found using Photoshop without referencing Meg's video's easier than I thought I would. Perhaps my brain can store new information after all.

It was my intention to enroll in a new Skillshare class today but I've ended up creating another mood board. I've really enjoyed the process of selecting images, creating the layout and then arranging them, and arranging them again, then swapping the images and so on.

This time around my intention was to go for an almost retro sci-fi theme but as before the end result isn't quite what I had in mind. I've ended up with a board similar in colour to my first attempt and the overall theme matches the previous two boards. I've always found futuristic images with lots of colour visually appealing, so I guess it's no surpise how my boards have turned out.

Overall, I found Meg's class to be really really useful, and good fun too. I'd definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to start using Photoshop.


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