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Technical Horse Riding Socks

Hi Allison,

Thanks for the lectures. So far I am not a strong writer but I am hoping to improve that. I am developing tall socks for horse riders and am hoping to start my own business. Any input is appreciated. 




Appreciation from the feet up



Meet HeelsDown by EquiTech
We’re a new way of thin riding socks improving comfort of your feet while on or off the horse.
We do this by padding ball and heel of the foot, supporting arch, keeping feet and calf dry in a fashionable manner.

It’s better than your regular riding sock, which has no combined features regarding thermal regulation and support for tired and sore feet because it’s just a standard high sock with the traditional material and pattern
We know you’ll enjoy it because your feet will feel taken care of so your can focus on your ride

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How It Works

Thin Breathable and wicking materials combined with various knitting techniques to achieve padding, ventilation and support within your sock for maximized comfort in your riding boot

  • Socks on
  • Boots on
  • Let’s go


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