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OK so how to start... My first thought was of some barbarian warlords or knights but for sake of keeping my mind clean on subject i`ve decided to aim in something more sci- fi, I could be curious mash-up though... Barbarians and starships (about which i thought earlier... And actually this might be a serious attempt to do this) So, back to subject. 
I tried to keep my hand loose and my mind set. It was hard though to focus on using one brush and stay in stilouette rather then in contour (like with traditional pen or pencil), and not to block shapes...


So here we go. Barbarians with guns... After a while i`ve chosen numbers: 1,
Aaaand... `ere we go:


And anatomy stickfigures...


So i`ll have to make some changes to shotgunwoman. No big deal. Now i wonder which will made up to the very end.

And here we go... 


Proud young huntress with combi-gleave. On her back there is an power-pack which feed the attached laser gun. Her back and arms are hidden beneath fur cloak. On her chest some old armor,

This is version A though. I have like two other concepts for her already in mind. Different pose, hair and weapon. And bit different uniform.


So for this one i resigned from the girlish face of a rookie for battered face of veteran warrior. (She wears her scars almost as trophies as they are the marks of survivor, not some petty trinkets. Oh and a rbacelet on arm.)
And here the version with powerpack:


And here we have comparison on different (well, bit different only.) character 2 "Huntress"
After this i`m gonna head on to finish mine "Techzerker" (4 handed one) and Shaman-ician (technician and shaman in one. Something between Machine Adept and Ork Mek. Also crazy as sh*t).


Okay so here is the character of... Berserker. I`m not particulary happy with it. He had to have four arms, two bionic and hold in them two guns. Maybe tomorrow i will give it a try...


And yet something is missing here... I`m still wondering what...

UPDATE: OK so here is small sneek peek into new Techzerker. 


"Tis` but all remain what once was a human, now only animal remains. Rabid and hatefull"


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