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Sasha Kinney

Media Integration Specialist



TechScope, a focus on digital technology and learning

STEP TWO: Planning Your Theme 

I would like the images to be large and appealing. I imagine the site will be video and image heavy. I would like it to be easily navigable for teachers and parents. I mocked up tags and links on opposite sides, but I think one right-side column will leave more space for images. 

Like The Kids Should See This (using Cadence), the header will be one large image with text on top. Feedback/thoughts welcome!

STEP ONE: Let's Get Started

I'm a media integration specialist at a k-8 school in Sacramento. I'd like to develop a website that both teachers and parents (and older students) can use to discover awesome sites and projects they can use at home or in the classroom. Right now the site is at The theme is fine, but I'd like to develop one which focuses on a the image. I love curates and lays out material.  

I love the site The Kids Should See This.  It is pretty much what I'd like to develop, and I'll use a lot of the content they find too. They use the Tumblr theme Cadence. 

I also like the theme Crate, though I'm not a fan of the grey border (or border at all for that matter). 


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