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Tech Trends FlipBoard Magazine

This is my most popular FlipBoard magazine to date:  Tech Trends.


As a developer and general techie, I have a deep passion for new technology and software.  I follow tech news and trends like most others do not.  I think this is what makes this magazine modestly popular (1,714 readers and counting).

Whenever I find a fascinating article regarding new tech, the web, or noticeable metrics for other tech companies, I will post them into the magazine.  By adding content regularly, I have seen it grow by leaps and bounds over the last 3 or 4 months.

Since I develop software and websites that are created for mobile devices first, I tend to focus on cell phone companies, their software, anything Apple, and anything Google.  Also, since internet/web security is extremely important to the work that I do, I will post the most pertinent current information concerning web hackers, information stealers, etc (including, but not limited to: Anonymous, the NSA, etc).


Since I have a decent following on this magazine, I realize that I need to update it regularly, and post only the most significant and fascinating content to it.  Also, since my small tech company runs a blog about entrepreneurship, I realize that whenever I create a great, original article about the current state of the tech world, I can "+ Flip It" into the magazine to drive traffic to my blog.

From what I can see, if I do this right, this Flipboard magazine can be very good for my business.


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