Teardrop Surfwear


Hello! My names John Wood and i'm from a small city in South Wales (UK) called Newport.

I'm 26, a homeowner, and an aspiring entrepreneur. Graphic Design has always been an interest of mine, i wanted to go to university to learn all about it, but i simply could not afford the debt and at the time i had a long term girlfriend who was in university herself and i just wanted to work, buy a house, and settle in with her and raise a family. Fast forward a few years and i have a house, i live on my own, and i no longer have a girlfriend. (she ran off and got engaged ot her new boyfriend six months later...it was a hard time for me) ANYWAY...not to bore you and go into too much detail about that! I feel like i shouldve done graphic design and gone to uni as it's something i've always regretted, but i try and teach myself graphics and design in my free time. i'm always on the look out for graphic courses and part time courses but i simply cant afford them with house bills, and lviing expenses etc. So this course was perfect for me.

I'm not a designer, i know the basics of illustrator and photoshop but thats as good as it gets! I thought if i came on this course i could better myself and it was cheap and just sounded perfect for me. obviously i heard about it via twitter through the Johnny Cupckaes brand - a brand i've always loved and admired.

i have to say that looking at other peoples designs on this page I feel very intimidated. People on this course are absolutely brilliant at design and you all have fantastic ideas, so much so that i wasnt going to post my designs as i feel i simply cant compete! But what the hell i thought id bite the bullet and here i am! 


My brand is called Teardrop Surfwear. Surfing has always been an interest of mine (even though i have only recently got into it...and cant surf!) but i've always been fascinated with extreme sports and surfing just seemed so cool to me! I've noticed there aren't many "well known" UK surf brands and i see theres a gap in the market for this. Recently I've been busy *trying* to design my own logo. Heres what i came up with:

Teardrop Surfwear - image 1 - student project

However after doing some research i found out that somebody already had this idea, and nearly the EXACT same logo as me. Which is really annoying as all other ideas i have had, i googled, and it's already been done! its very frustrating! It can be seen below:

Teardrop Surfwear - image 2 - student project

So its back to the drawing board for me, so upon some more messing about, I created this:

Teardrop Surfwear - image 3 - student project

But i'm not sure whether or not thats too complicated for a logo. I know johnny cupcakes is a simplistic logo which is eye catching, brilliant, and appeals to everyone. If i was to do a simple tear it would look like this:

Teardrop Surfwear - image 4 - student project

Teardrop Surfwear - image 5 - student project

As you can see its not exactly the most appealing. It MAY look cool on a t shirt, but i think its just missing something.

I guess what im trying to say is that im struggling with designs! I thought about a teardrop and crossbones but instead of crossbones having surfboards, but my friends know im OBSESSED with Johnny Cupcakes and they would say i've ripped him off - it would look something like this:

Teardrop Surfwear - image 6 - student project

I'm also trying to do some of my own typography, but im sturggling as im completely new to this! Here is an example of what im trying to achieve: