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Teapup: Tea-scented dog grooming products

Teapup is a fictitious line of tea-scented dog shampoos, conditioners, and other dog grooming products.  Teapup is about the fun that comes with having a dog, and the relaxation that comes with having a cup of tea.  Product lines will follow the normal varieties of tea:  oolong, green, white, darjeeling, etc.

What: An identity package - logo, business cards, letterhead, color and font style guide.  A website may be in the works.

Why: Teapup is a brand new company, and only has a brand message - who they are, who they are targeting, and what they're product is.  They do not have the in-house ability to transform this into a visual message.  They need a first-line appearance for their company - a logo, letterhead, business cards, and possibly a website.  Something to at least represent them and get the conversation started when meeting with clients.

When: Immediately.

How much: They're a start-up, and their budget is only $500 for this type of identity package.  The website would be an extra $1,000, so it's important to show that I've got the ability to capture who they are visually and keep them as a client.

Target audience:  It would be a mistake to say this product is for dogs.  It's a dog product for humans - they have to buy it, use it, and smell it.  Dog grooming can be a hassle - anyone would love their dog grooming experience to be more relaxing, and more like a joint "spa experience" - for dog and owner.  We're looking at people with disposable income that look forward to relaxing experiences wherever they can find it, and are willing to pay a premium...so maybe 24 years old and up.  Men and women are equally applicable here - it would be a mistake to make this identity too feminine or too masculine.  This type of person generally invests in pampering themselves - they go to the gym, do yoga, they drink tea (!), and listen to more laid-back music - so these would be cross-reference activities we could pull from.

Client Goals: This is an emotional product - they need the brand to be transmitted via the identity quite well, otherwise the emotional connection to the customer will be lost, and with it, the sale.  You can't tell someone that Teapup is going to be a relaxing zen experience for you and your dog - you need to show them visually within seconds.  This is the goal of this identity project.

Time Line: 3 Weeks.

Obstacles: The client has no branding whatsoever thus far.  In fact, they don't even have a product yet - they're a startup.  They can't meet with anyone until they have this identity wrapped up - so we're really starting from square one.


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