Teapot - student project


Hi there! I chose a tea set as « the thing». And you can see below my 10 drawings

Teapot - image 1 - student project


When looking at them, I think: «If creativity is a muscle, I definetly need more practice....»

1. My fav are 4 and 10. Although I enjoyed drawing 4 and 8 the most.

2.  I could be more creative on composition. In my 10 drawings I only have 3 different compositions.

3. I do not react greatly in a hurry, ending up with only 3 mediums and 3 comp. Afterwards more ideas came up.

4. All my drawings are representing a complete tea pot. That's because, as I did not know how much time I'd have for each drawing, I consciously decided to bloc the shape quickly and then fill with details as time allows. But it did not occur to me once to break that rule... 

5. I like how zoomed in composition (4,7, 10) is more appealing to me than classic ones

6. 5,6,7,8 use color pens (tombow)for lineart. To me this way of using them is very plain and result is not interesting. 

7. Rules of 10 ( changing color palette to bold and unrelated ones as red, blue and green), came up as an interesting picture

8. Number 2 I found very inspiring. Although the result is beh, I'm sure it has potential. (I tried it again below, and liked the new version)

9. I should have tried with more textures with black ink

10. I should have tried with closed eyes



So, yeah, afterwards I came up with dozen of experiments I wanted to try out. So even if not on the spot, this exercise helped a lot my creativity to start working tons of ideas. I tried the #2 again, with rules as follow: let lines and objects overlap. Let color go outside of the lineart

Teapot - image 2 - student project


And, finally, I allowed myself to break a few more rule:

Break the rule of 10 drawings

Break the rule of the timer

Break the rule of coloring the teapot

Draw in symetry, withdetails and shading in ink.

And I loved the result

Teapot - image 3 - student project

Thank you so much for sharing this exercise, will do it regularly in the future