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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

For my project, I chose the phrase "Teamwork makes the dream work." It's not a particularly deep quote, but it's my team's mantra at work. I'd like the final product to be a poster we can hang up in the office. 

I definitely want to incorporate a tandem bicycle and think a Victorian theme goes well with that element. Here are some Victorian-era posters with bicycles, type samples, and San Francisco houses I found for inspiration: 

Here are my lettering warm-ups. I tried to imitate a lot of the typefaces in the posters and things, but threw a blackletter one in there just for fun too. I got a little lazy with the sans serif and squeezed the ending of the blackletter, but I'm overall pretty pleased and feel warmed up!

Started on my thumbnails. I know I want it to be a poster, so I stuck with a rectangular container. They're pretty rough, but I wanted to do quick ones to get as many ideas out as possible. I'm not sure I'll stick with all the ornamental details, but the lettering and layout should stay the same. 

The first sketch was of the first thumbnail and incorporates some of the warm-up lettering I did. There's a bit too much empty space, and the ornamentation (including the bike) feels like it's being forced to fill it up. It also seemed a little too cartoon-y.

I'm pretty sure I'll be going with the second sketch below. This version feels tighter, truer to my inspiration board, and has more thoughtful lettering. The tandem bike here feels more like a subject as opposed to an afterthought like it did in the first sketch. I'm still working on what ornamental details to incorporate... (I also started running out of room on the right side of "Teamwork", so need to fix that.)

Finished up another rough sketch. This time I managed to give the "k" in "Teamwork" some breathing room. I also took the feedback from Amber and Mary Kate, beefing up "Dream Work," scaling down the bike, and putting it in a container. I'm still playing around with different ornamental details, but think I like where the letters are going now.

For the borders, I chose to add four half circles that look like bike wheels to keep that theme going. I'm struggling most with the empty space between the text and the borders. I can't decide if I want more swirls and line details or none at all...

I tried to refine my sketch a little more. Cleaned up the bike spokes in the borders, fixed the spacing between the T and E, and tried to embellish the lettering a little more. I'm still struggling with the embellishments aroud the lettering. I've changed it about a dozen times. For now, I have a bunch of swirls, but I don't know if I'll stick with it.

Thank you everyone for your feedback so far! I really appreciate it!

Edited my sketch a little more and got around to inking! Inking was much harder than I thought it would be, and it took me some time. The tracing paper trick helped out a lot. Still, I'll probably end up fixing some things up digitally. 

I got rid of all the swirls in the empty space and beefed up my borders like I had in some of my earlier thumbnails. (I also finally used my scanner instead of my phone.) Below are my two layers of inking. The second one has drop shadow details and an extra border layer I wasn't sure I'd really want to use.


Here's what a rough combination of the two looks like. I think I might beef up the dark inner border and subtract the scallops from the darkened area instead of the three layers I have now.

A couple more things to tweak -- maybe make sure my borders are symmetrical and refining the dropshadows more -- but I think it's almost ready to be finalized! While I'm very excited for "The Final Steps of Hand-Lettering" class, I think I'll try to start digitizing this one with what I know now...

Final Update:

So here is what I came up with after digitizing and adding a little color and texture. I'm pretty pleased with it, but I definitely am looking forward to the Final Steps class to improve those skills.

Thank you to everyone for their feedback! I really appreciate it and incorporated a lot of it into the final piece!


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