Team4orce - student project


What's up everbody,

My name is a Manny and I'm a graphic designer from Southern California. I currently work in the print industry designing product catalogs for a Costume/Lingerie/Hosiery company. Team4orce is a lifestlye brand that me and my buddy came up with when we use to have a nutrition supplmenet store. We are currently trying to design a few tee's that will grab the attention of the average gym enthusiast, cross-fitter, powerlifter, bodybuilder, and sports athlete.  The reason why I'm taking the class is because I need help with the whole design process. I need to come up designs that are diffrently from what is currently out there now. I'm not a very good illustrator and thats one of my major weakness. My influences comes from the hundreds, johnny cupakes, mishka, undfdt, undrcrown, hall of fame, benny gold, and 10deep. As you can see branding is very important and we stuck with a sports team theme. Our mascot logo is a kettlebell which many people use at the gym. We have not yet decided on sticking with the name team4orce as the clothing line name  but thats something that we are currently working on. One problem that i keep getting is problems with using the number 4 in the word team4orce. The only reason we use the 4 is because teamforce was trademarked. It's hard to find a font with a good 4 espeically in a sports block fonts and scripts. I have done the research and stuff that really sticks out for us is vintage varsity sports, 90's nike design, old trading cards, wwf wrestling, old video games and sports team apparel. I've seen many of the work and I'm very impressed with the level of talent here. I hope we all come up with cool shirt designs cuase nothing is more satisfying then getting asked where you got your shirt. 

Lesson 1:  What does your brand look like?

Team4orce - image 1 - student project

Team4orce - image 2 - student project

Parody graphics for the blog that bring back some old memories.

Team4orce - image 3 - student project

Business card and trading card for our mascot.

Team4orce - image 4 - student project

Mascot process including some photos at the fitness expo. People go crazy over this guy and it's awesome to see that it brings a lot of smiles to the kids and families who take a picture with Kay B. Strong.

Team4orce - image 5 - student project

As you can see branding is very important and we have tried our best  to deliver that in our website. A stadium with a scoreboard that animates to diffrent images just as you would see when you go to the ballpark.

Team4orce - image 6 - student project

Some samples of some tshirts that I've designed not the greatest designs but after taking this class I'm hoping that i can design better shirts.