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Team Narwhal

Hello! I'm a designer from Ann Arbor, Michigan, here to hone my skills further. I currently work for the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company, which currently does a wide variety of designs for the general market along with custom designs for various clients. It's hard to pinpoint one brand identity for the company, seeing as our work is pretty eclectic. So at a suggestion from one of my coworkers, I'm making a design for "Team NARWHAL", the name of our art department. (It stands for "Nifty And Really Whimsical Honorable Artists League"... sometimes the first A stands for "Ann Arbor Tees", but it flows better with just the "And".)

I'm still brainstorming a particular design I'm going to work on, but here are some of my favorite designs I've done at work...


This was done for some promotional work around town. Ann Arbor has a lot of "green pride" and I wanted to bring that out here.

We get to work with digital printers, so color limits haven't been an issue. For this project, I'll be keeping a color limit. Also, I've been getting more into the typography side of design lately. The "hipster dog" shirt is an early example and could be improved upon.  

I'll upload some sketches and ideas when I can so I can get some real feedback. 


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