Team Mystic - Gyarados

Team Mystic - Gyarados - student project

Step 1: Gyarados

Step 2:

I found the Mystic hexagon to be a little difficult to make. I definitely used some creative license, since the original has the Articuno's wings going beyond the badge, breaking it up in the process. I used "variable Width Profile: Width profile 6" to make the hexagon large to small and I thicken the sides with a rectangle tool. At one point I had a Pokeball inside the Gyarados' mouth, but it just looked a little silly.

Team Mystic - Gyarados - image 1 - student project

Step 3: The nearest Pokestop is shining blue. [as I'm typing this]

I had a great time making this, Jon. I've signed up for several of your classes but this is my first submission on Skillshare EVER. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to your next class. Thanks!


Update (07/18/2016): The badge was missing the iconic Pokemon symbol, the Pokeball. So I decided to use Pokeballs for the bullet points in the bottom of the badge.

Team Mystic - Gyarados - image 2 - student project