Team Instinct - Crobat

Pokémon Go is an awesome game, it's really fantastic seeing people wander around looking for the Pocket Monsters we all know and love.

And since I saw this Project on SkillShare I knew I had to do something to show my support for the game, for my team, and as a Graphic Designer.

Now, about my Pokémon...I know Crobat is not Gen 1...But it is my favorite Pokémon ever...and I hope for an update with the Johto region creatures so I can travel (Literally) with my trusted monster.

I also chose Team Instinct because of all funny memes I've seen regarding this Team...but I also see myself as an Instinct-based kind of guy. (You know...reckless, shot-now-ask questions later-kinda guy), And also because It also suits my Pokémon party in the Original Games.

So...without further it is:



I hope you like it, I appreciate your comments. Greetings from Mexico. And Keep being Awesome.

Have a nice Day!


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