Teal Kitty

Teal Kitty - student project

I really enjoyed this class! I don't feel like my style is fully developed but by following these exercises I’m certainly on my way. 

Teal Kitty - image 1 - student project

I started sketching this cat from the photos provided, and slowly pushed the features as I went through each version. I found that I really liked the look of some chunky limbs with small feet. The amount of detail also dropped off with each sketch until I was left with a very simple line drawing.

Teal Kitty - image 2 - student project


I did a quick colour study and decided to go with a pallet I’ve used before.

Teal Kitty - image 3 - student project


Here is my final illustration. I’d like to try and replicate it in a more traditional medium, like paint or pencil. 

Anne, thank you for creating such a great little course!



Samantha Mackrill
I teach people how to sew