Teacups bookmark

Teacups bookmark - student project

I didn't have acryl gouache, so I used my W&N Designer's Gouache instead. I decided to make a 2"x6" bookmark with a few different shaped teacups to practice the technique.

I really enjoyed curating my Pinterest board of teacup inspiration, and I'm definitely going to use it for future to paint more teacups!


Teacups bookmark - image 1 - student project

Once I picked the shapes that I liked I made a quick pencil sketch.

Teacups bookmark - image 2 - student project

Then I painted the background with a really thin gouache layer so that it was kind of semi-transparent (I just wanted to see the paint splotches cause I really like them).

Teacups bookmark - image 3 - student project

And then I painted my actual teacups! Thanks Alanna for such an inspiring class! :)

 Teacups bookmark - image 4 - student project

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