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Teacups and Flower Gardens








Teacups and Flowers  make me happy. When I sit down to doodle or sketch without thinking, teacups and flowers come flying out of my pen. 



The first thing I learned to draw was a teacup on a saucer. 

Putting flowers in every room always brightens my mood. 

For this inspiration board I gathered together textiles, fruit, leaves, sketches, and favorite children's books along with decorative items from my home.  As soon as I began to overlap these objects, I noticed that the   overlapping patterns, some deeply hued and others brightly colored, made me feel at home.

No surprise!  My home studio is completely layered with paintings, textiles, stitched cushions, patterned teacups, blue and white Chinoiserie, and all against the texture of old logs (I live in a log cabin built in 1920.)

Looking at my "inspiration board" I drew and doodled teacups, leaves, flowers and random doodle shapes that just emerge naturally from the pen when I sit down to draw.  I also downloaded a few patterns that caught my eye out there in the world - more inspiration for the board.

I am still struggling with translating my drawings into vector based sketches to use in Illustrator (and taking a crash course in Illustrator simultaneously) so am a bit behind in getting the drawings into useable formats, but am going to figure that out next!


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