Teacups In Gouache

Teacups In Gouache - student project

Here is a sketchbook illustration of a teacup; made by me - 

Teacups In Gouache - image 1 - student project
I then made 2 teacups and 1 mug using Gouache on Cold-Pressed Watercolor Paper, Fine Liner Pens and Glitter Watercolor -

Teacups In Gouache - image 2 - student project

1) I illustrated the following teacup with a light-Lavender tone in Gouache and outlined the design using Fine Liner Pens

Teacups In Gouache - image 3 - student project
2) A light Rose teacup with floral design and I sort of changed the shape of the saucer.

Teacups In Gouache - image 4 - student project
3) And finally, I illustrated a black mug with my Sun Sign(Leo). I drew the symbol and constellation using Glitter Watercolor. I added a splatter of the glitter too, to give a starry-effect to the mug.

Teacups In Gouache - image 5 - student project

Teacups In Gouache - image 6 - student project

Hope you like my creations, Alanna. Thank you so much for the amazing, yet simple and cute class. I enjoyed it!

With Love,
- Harshita