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Teacher's gift

With 3 kids in pre-school, and the pressure of making teacher's gifts in time for the holidays, what better way to express gratitude than a custom hand-made designed label on a fragrant soy candle? Hmmm? I think that will be the perfect gift! Moving right along, here's my initial sketch. More to come.

I've been very into henna/mid-eastern art (maybe that's the Israeli in me) so I came up with a different version for the label - below. (The quote says - "A teacher ignites the fire that fuels a student's thirst for wisdom, curiousity and knowledge.")

Moodboard -

I couldn't even tell you what I like about each of these labels... they just grabbed my attention. I feel like I'll figure out what inspires me as I continue and find those details. However, right now my label looks quite mid-eastern, and not at all french-vintage like my moodboard. 

Candle. I bought 8 of these. I'm super excited about this project!

I totally got side-tracked and didn't take the time to upload a photo of the final project. I am extremely pleased with the results - 


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