Lindsey Slutz

Surface Pattern Designer



Teachers To Watch: Channel Vision & Plan

  • How would you describe your skill-set or approach?
    • Skills: Design, Illustrator, Affinity, Photoshop, Marketing
    • Approach: Step-by-step guides, fun, easy
  • What topic areas have worked best so far?
    • Pattern Design
    • Mockups
  • What does your student profile look like? Who is your target student/audience?
    • Student profile: Design beginners. 
    • Target: Students new to design, or those looking to expand their knowledge. 
  • How do you want students to feel when taking your classes?
    • Excited to learn and create. Like they can easily follow along.
  • What are a few words you want your audience to associate with your content?
    • Fun, colorful, relevant.

So far I have 12 classes on Skillshare. My pattern design and shorter classes tend to do the best. I wasn't quite sure how to move forward with my channel and surveyed my followers. I'm so glad I did so because it really helped me while coming up with a plan for 2018. 


Class #1 - Travel Icon Design (March 2)

  • Intro, Planning, Design Process, Project.
  • Project: Design 5 icons for your favorite travel destination.

First class is done. Yay! Check it out here.

Class #2 - Tips For Using The Pattern Tool (April 6)

  • Intro, Tips, Project.
  • Project: What was your favorite tip? Plus, show off a pattern you made with the pattern tool.

Class #3 - Vector Map Design (May 4)

  • Intro, Planning, Map Outline, Elements, Project.
  • Project: Design a map of your favorite place. 


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